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The wedding dress Ama is an ode to the simple elegance with a very low back neckline. The dress can be worn alone or with different over dresses, tops and pullovers. Ama is vegan.


Here are a few examples of dazzling combination possibilities:


Ama + Ramea Top

The high-necked top Ramea is made of fine French lace double-layered. Light puffy sleeves add a romantic style. Modern Wedding at its best.


Ama + Grace:

A special top with many possibilities. You can cleverly wrap it single or double, tie it into a bow or skilfully drape it to create a completely new look with pure dresses or a very sexy look with a skirt. Grace is vegan.


Ama + Imelda:
Simple, pure, breathtaking! The Cape Imelda is an absolute eye-catcher with every wedding dress. It is worn openly and has an arched cut at the sides to show off the underneath to its best advantage. Modern and surprising! Imelda is vegan.

Ama + Bonney

Bonney is a cool sweater in oversize look. Worn from the front to the waist, it is extended at the back and reminds of the big robes of the 80s. The knitted cuffs look casual and the Italian embroidery makes the sweater an absolute eye-catcher. Bonney can be worn with a top on skirts or with our pure dresses as a perfect variation.

Bonney is vegan.

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